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More Space Hulk photos from Adepticon


Dave, one of the Genestealer players from the Friday evening session, was nice enough to send over his photos from the event.  The captions are also great!

Adepticon 2015 – Space Hulk – The Fall of Kagul III

Adepticon 2015 Photos

We had a blast at Adepticon 2015.  The new venue was awesome and huge. We ran about 16 hours of Space Hulk, met new friends and caught up with old ones.  We’ll do a complete review in the next episode of GBaTAo, until then here are some photos from the weekend.

Adepticon 2015 Photos

Carl and Adan from the Independent Characters podcast played in one of our Space Hulk games, you can see some of their photos here

(edit) and even more photos from one of the players

Games, Booze and the Art Of… Episode 16

Recorded LIVE from the BoD Brewhaus, Josh, Ty, and Troy talk about what they’ve been playing, buying and kickstarting over the last few months.  They also preview Adepticon and discuss their current frustrations with GenCon.

Download here

** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo sometimes contains explicit language and themes. It’s not safe for work, children or the easily offended.

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Links to things we talked about (sometimes called “show notes”):




Dead of Winter on Tabletop

Star Realms

Sheriff of Nottingham


Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Twilight Struggle


Sword Coast Legends


Blood Rage

Wild West Exodus

Bolt Action


True Dungeon

GenCon 2013 – Space Hulk

We are back from GenCon!  I’ll put up a full recap of the adventures of the BoD crew in a couple days, after I’ve had a chance to recover from the four day marathon that is GenCon.  Until then you can look back at the twitter feed and check out these pictures from our big Space Hulk event on Saturday.

Space Hulk

Space Hulk at RockCon

I’ll be running Space Hulk at RockCon this year in the Saturday (Oct 20) evening slot.  Join us if you can, RockCon is a great local con!