The Basement of Death gaming group was formed around a common passion for Warhammer 40k and other gaming sometime in 2009-2010.

The Basement of Death (B.o.D.) name comes from the “affectionate” name my wife has for the 400+ sq. ft of gaming space I’ve created in my basement.  Once a dreary unfinished basement, it is now the home of three, sometimes four, gaming tables and my 30+ year collection of 40K and other miniature and board games.

Over the years we have also added additional gaming spaces:

BoD East or the “Ty Bar” is the sports bar in Ty’s basement that also has a substantial board game library in addition to the three TVs and bar.

The BoD Brewhaus is Josh’s huge man cave space and the home of the B.o.D studio and the Dutchess. It also has two beers on tap and an extensive bar to fuel the “What are we drinking?” segment on Playin’ & Slayin’ .

  1. Had a great time at GenCon 2014 with the Space Hulk Castobel Assault. Thanks for running a great game!

  2. Is the brewhaus contruction complete? Love the podcasts, they have me laughing with memories every time I listen. Also thanks for all the comments in the podcasts about me, it’s nice being remember – even if john thinks I’m gone :).

  3. Hey guys, just wanted to bring this Kickstarter to your attention.

    Chibi, steampunk, underwater goodness.

  4. Do you still sell the spaceship x terrain?

  5. Hey thanks for the mention on the Table of Ultimate Gaming! We appreciate it! I am happy to do a follow-up with you guys to address any concerns about production and also just update your community as to what is going on in the world of TOUG. We have many machines for production and love to share more about that process. – Patrick http://www.tableOfUltimateGaming@gmail.com

  6. Someone said you guys have some sort of rules for Zone Mortalis or Space Hulk or something.

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