The Basement of Death gaming group was formed around a common passion for WH40k and other gaming around 2009-2010.

The Basement of Death (B.o.D.) name comes from the “affectionate” name my wife has for the 400+ sq. ft of gaming space I’ve created in my basement.  Once a dreary unfinished basement, it is now the home of three, sometimes four, gaming tables and my 30+ year collection of 40K and other games.

Over the years we have also added additional gaming spaces:

BoD East or the “Ty Bar” is the sports bar in Ty’s basement that also has a substantial board game library in addition to the three TVs and bar.

The BoD Brewhaus is Josh’s huge space that is still a little under construction. It has two beers on tap as well as Josh’s occasional home brews.

  1. Had a great time at GenCon 2014 with the Space Hulk Castobel Assault. Thanks for running a great game!

  2. Is the brewhaus contruction complete? Love the podcasts, they have me laughing with memories every time I listen. Also thanks for all the comments in the podcasts about me, it’s nice being remember – even if john thinks I’m gone :).

  3. Hey guys, just wanted to bring this Kickstarter to your attention.

    Chibi, steampunk, underwater goodness.

  4. Do you still sell the spaceship x terrain?

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