Space Hulk

Space Hulk Rules Summary – these are most of the rules that we use for the scenarios in two pages

The Purging of Skaura III – our most recent event from Adepticon 2017.  This is our homage to the original Genestealer expansion with hybrids and psychics.

Purging Of Skaura III WEBTH v1

Fall of Kagul III  – this is the event we ran at Adepticon 2015 & 2016 and Gen Con 2015

Fall_of Kagull_v2_THUMB





Assault on Castobel this is the latest update of the Assault on Castobel event we ran on we’ve run at Adepticon, Nexus and GenCon




OLDER RULES SETS – these are scenarios & rules from previous events

Castobel Peril – we ran this at Adepticon and GenCon in 2014






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