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#12 – Playin’ and Slayin’ – Anvil Eight Games Adepticon Preview


Will from Anvil Eight Games is in the studio!  The guys preview Adepticon, the greatest four days of miniature gaming, and what Anvil Eight Games has planned for their “home ice”. In the Play It or Slay It review Will tries to convince us why we should all be playing SAGA, the Heroic Age Miniature Skirmish game.

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Things we’ve been playin’ and slayin’ (show notes)

BoD Library

Upcoming Events
Brew City Brawl AoS GT
Nexus Game Fair 
GenCon Aug 2-5

#2 – Playin’ and Slayin’ – Adepticon 2017


We are back from the most amazing five days in miniature gaming, Adepticon, and in the B.o.D. studio to tell the listener all about it.   Everything from the vendor hall and Ty’s AoS tournament experience to what’s in the best swag bag of any convention.   We also have a contest this episode so listen to find out how to win a copy of Frontline: No Komrades from Anvil Eight Games

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Things we’ve been playin’ and slayin’ (show notes)

Pandemic Legacy

Age of Sigmar

Space Hulk

Batman Miniature Game

Dinosaur Island

RezX faction for Aetherium


Secret Weapon Washes

Battlefoam XL

Broken Egg Games tokens


Frontline Gaming

Laser Craft Workshop

Death Ray Designs

Runewars: Miniature Game

Elrik’s Hobbies

Crystal Brush

Osprey Adventures Books


Adepticon 2017 Photos

The Basement of Death crew has returned from best five days of miniature gaming in the world. Here is the first batch of photos. Look for our full rundown of the convention on the next episode of Playin’ and Slayin’  releasing in mid-April.

Adepticon 2017 Photos

#1 – Playin’ and Slayin’


Welcome to the new podcast from the B.o.D. featuring news, anecdotal experiences, and raucous reviews of life in the adventurous wilderness of hobby gaming!  Our inaugural episode features an interview with Brian Niro of Anvil Eight Games in the B.o.D. studio.  We also review Aetherium from Anvil Eight in the “Play It or Slay It” segment and preview Adepticon 2017.

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Things we’ve been playin’ and slayin’ (show notes)

Anvil Eight Games


Frontline No Comrades

A Gentleman’s Ones

Tiny Epic Western

Dusk City Outlaws


Xwing – Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

#28 – Games, Booze and the Art of… Adepticon 2016



The Adepticon 2016 recap mega-episode with Josh, Ty, Troy, and John.  What we played, saw, bought and a review of the new game Dark Deeds.  If you want pictures of Adepticon to go with our words check out the previous post.

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** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo contains explicit language and themes, but not so much this time.

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Links to things we talked about (sometimes called “show notes”):



Pandemic Legacy



Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Warhammer Quest Board Game


Dark Deeds


Mengel Miniatures

Death Ray Designs

Age of Sigmar

Cool-mini-or-not Base System

Dave Taylor Miniatures

War Zone Atlanta

Forge the Narrative



Anvil 8

Elriks Hobbies

Ticket to Ride

X-Wing Hoth Open





The B.o.D. at Adepticon 2016

The Basement of Death crew is back from Adepticon to share photos and experiences from the best miniature wargaming convention. It was a blast.  We played a lot of games, John won an award, saw old friends and met some new ones.

We had a bunch of people stop by and check out Space Hulk, here are some links to coverage from Beasts of War and Paul Murphy from Forge the Narrative.

Beasts of War

Forge the Narrative

Click to see more photos from the weekend