#28 – Games, Booze and the Art of… Adepticon 2016



The Adepticon 2016 recap mega-episode with Josh, Ty, Troy, and John.  What we played, saw, bought and a review of the new game Dark Deeds.  If you want pictures of Adepticon to go with our words check out the previous post.

Download here  or find us on Itunes or Stitcher

** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo contains explicit language and themes, but not so much this time.

GBatAo theme music is by FADEBACK

Links to things we talked about (sometimes called “show notes”):



Pandemic Legacy



Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Warhammer Quest Board Game


Dark Deeds


Mengel Miniatures

Death Ray Designs

Age of Sigmar

Cool-mini-or-not Base System

Dave Taylor Miniatures

War Zone Atlanta

Forge the Narrative



Anvil 8

Elriks Hobbies

Ticket to Ride

X-Wing Hoth Open





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