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#34 – Games, Booze and the Art of…


Josh, Ty, Troy, and John are back in the BoD Studio discussing what they have been playing, buying and building.  The group also compares and contrasts three of the most popular boardgames for the BoD group: Kemet, Blood Rage and Scythe.

We are happy to be sponsored this episode by Anvil Eight Games creators of the tabletop miniatures board game Aetherium and the new card game Front Line: NO KOMRADES.

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** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo contains explicit language and themes.

GBatAo theme music is by FADEBACK

Links to things we talked about (sometimes called “show notes”):


7 Wonders Duel

Sails of Glory

Formula Motor Racing

Tiny Epic Defenders 

T.I.M.E Stories

Machi Koro

Boss Monster

40k Bike Racing


The King is Dead

Front Line No Komrades


Dystopian Universe RPG

Filigree in Shadow


Blood Rage