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Horus Heresy Siege of Terra Reading Guidance Update

We are halfway through the Siege of Terra books with Saturnine. This was a good opportunity to update the Horus Heresy Reading Guidance with my thoughts on the Siege books so far. I also made a bunch of updates to other books along the way and I highlighted my “short list” of books I recommend reading before the Siege.

  • Horus Rising
  • False Gods
  • Galaxy in Flames
  • The Flight of the Eisenstein
  • Legion
  • A Thousand Sons
  • Prospero Burns
  • The First Heretic
  • Know No Fear
  • The Unremembered Empire
  • The Master of Mankind
  • Slaves to Darkness

That’s 12, if you want to stretch it to 15 I would add Betrayer, Vengeful Spirit and begrudgingly Fulrim

#16 – Playin’ and Slayin’ – Brew City Brawl


The guys discuss their experiences at the inaugural Brew City Brawl Age of Sigmar GT and sportsmanship in competitive wargaming. Besides covering what they’ve been playing, building and buying, Ty and Troy talk about what they’ve been reading in the BoD Library segment and Josh shares what he’s been watching.  Finally in ‘Play It or Slay It’ they review Unlock.

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Things we’ve been playin’ and slayin’ (show notes)

Brew City Brawl


Squadron TV

Hellboy: The Board Game

My Little Scythe

Gaslands terrain, dice, templates, Shifters!


Children of Time – Adrian Tchaikovsky 

The Magos – Dan Abnett

 Plague of Giants – Kevin Hearne

Flight of the Eisenstein

Troy’s Horus Heresy reading guide

Y the Last Man Vol. 1 – Brian Vaughan

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Horus Heresy Reading Guidance


Back at the beginning of 2018, Ty was looking for recommendations on how to navigate the huge backlog of Horus Heresy books.  I put together this list with my must-read and not so much must-read Horus Heresy recommendations. I’m also including my star rating for each book. Your mileage may vary 🙂

Update: 7/1/19 – added the books I’ve read in the year+ since my original post

Update: 10/30/20 – The Siege of Terra update!  My thoughts on the first four Siege books and filled in a few of the gaps. I’ve also highlighted my must-reads 

Horus Rising (I) by Dan Abnett ***** I’ve read this one three times. “I was there, the day Horus slew the Emperor.”

False Gods (II) by Graham McNeill **** The origin of the fall of Horus.

Galaxy in Flames (III) by Ben Counter *** The conclusion of the initial trilogy that is the tragedy of Horus. I don’t find the writing in this book as strong as the first two but the plot carries it.

The Flight of the Eisenstein (IV) by James Swallow **** This one reads like an action movie. Introduces Garro.

I used to recommend skipping Fulgrim (V) (you can read my review of Fulgrim on Goodreads to see why) but as people have pointed out in the comments there are some impactful events that take place in this book (someone loses a head). If you know the Heresy there are no surprises here and I still say skip and avoid having to slog through it.

I will still recommend skipping Descent of Angels (VI) unless you really like the Dark Angels.

Legion (VII) by Dan Abnett ***** This one divides people but it’s Abnett and it’s awesome. Do not expect an Alpha Legion book. There are big reveals in this book related to the 40K universe.

Battle for the Abyss (VIII)- just don’t

Mechanicum (IX) by Graham McNeill **** Covers the civil war on Mars. Interesting background but can be skipped. Fun to read along with the Dan Abnett book Titanicus set in 40K for a couple of callbacks.

Tales of Heresy (X) ***** This is an anthology but I highly recommend. At least Blood Games by Dan Abnett, The Voice by James Swallow, The Last Church by Graham McNeill and After Desh’ea by Matthew Farrer.

Fallen Angels (XI) skip unless you love Dark Angels

A Thousand Sons (XII) by Graham McNeill **** Must read. Then jump ahead and read…
Prospero Burns (XV) by Dan Abnett ***** Originally this and Thousand Sons were supposed to come out at the same time but it was delayed due to Dan Abnett’s health issue so we had to wait almost a year for it.

Nemesis (XIII) by James Swallow Skip unless you really like assassins.

The First Heretic (XIV) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden ***** Must read. ADB and Lorgar and the real start of the Heresy.

Age of Darkness (XVI) **** An anthology than can be skipped.  There are some good short stories here that fill out the background of the Heresy by the top authors of Black Library.

The Outcast Dead (XVII) and Deliverance Lost (XVIII) can be skipped. Outcast Dead covers the exploits of the members of the traitor legions that were on Terra when the news of the Heresy broke.  Deliverance Lost is about Corax and the Raven Guard in the aftermath of Isstvan V.

Know No Fear (XIX) by Dan Abnett ***** Must Read. The Battle of Calth and it’s Abnett.

The Primarchs (XX) skip

Fear to Tread (XXI) by James Swallow *** I’d recommend for Blood Angel fans. It has some great flashback scenes with Horus and Sanguinius and some cool reveals. The events at Signus Prime are referenced in future books.

Shadows of Treachery (XXII) anthology **** Not required but there are some great short stories here. The Crimson Fist by John French, The Dark King by Graham McNeill, The Lightning Tower by Dan Abnett and Prince of Crows by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Angel Exterminatus (XXIII) by Graham McNeill *** Can be skipped. The adventures of Fulgrim and Perturabo. Graham almost makes the Iron Warriors primarch a good guy in this book.

Betrayer (XXIV) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden ***** It can be skipped but don’t! Angron and Lorgar causing chaos throughout Ultramar. Kharn back when he was less berserker. Makes you think that maybe these guys aren’t really so bad?

Mark of Calth (XV) anthology – Can be skipped.

Vulkan Lives (XXVI) by Nick Kyme I skipped this one. I think you can too unless you are a Vulkan and Salamanders fan.

The Unremembered Empire (XXVII) by Dan Abnett **** This book starts the Imperium Secundus arc of books. You could skip this whole arc but I wouldn’t recommend that. There are lots of primarchs and it is Abnett.

Scars (XXVIII) by Chris Wraight I have not read this so I think it can be skipped but I’ve heard good things about it so I might catch up on it later. It is about the White Scars and the Khan of course.

Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeill *** Not required but is interesting to see Horus’ point of view and his development. This is the Knight book and has some Death Guard too.

The Damnation of Pythos (XXX) by David Annandale
Legacies of Betrayal (XXXI) – Anthology
Deathfire (XXXII) by Nick Kyme
War Without End (XXXIII) – Anthology
Eye of Terra (XXXV) – Anthology
The Silent War (XXXVII) – Anthology
There are a bunch of anthology, Salamander, Shatter Legions and other books mixed in here that I haven’t read and I don’t think you need too either. This is the stretch of time I believe Black Library lost its way and was producing tons of Horus Heresy content but most was background and not moving the plot toward Terra. There probably are some gems in there but you have to find them.

Pharos (XXXVI) by Guy Haley **** Continues the Imperium Secundus arc so not required but a great book. I really like Dantioch and Polux.

The Path of Heaven (XXXVI) by Chris Wraight – I haven’t read this one.  How the White Scars get to Terra.

Angels of Caliban (XXXVIII) by Gav Thorpe **** I’d recommend this one. Continues the Dark Angels arc from Fallen Angels and wraps up the Imperium Secundus story.

Praetorian of Dorn (XXXIX) by John French ***** Highly recommended. Terra and Imperial Fists. Great story and has a huge reveal at the end.

Corax (XL) by Gav Thorpe – This is a collection of Corax and Raven Guard stories.  Skip unless you like the Raven Guard.

The Master of Mankind (XLI) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden ***** Must read. The emperor is a dick.

Garro (XLII) by James Swallow **** Not required reading but this is a collection of all the cool Garro short stories.

Tallarn (XLV) by John French This collects the four Tallarn stories.  Not required reading but I’ve heard good things about this book especially if you are tread-head.

Ruinstorm (XLVI) by David Annandale *** Continues from the Imperium Secundus story arc and begins the path to Terra.  It’s Annandale so has some horror elements. Also, explains how the Blood Angels get to Terra from Ultramar and the Ultramarines and the Dark Angels don’t.

Old Earth (XLVII) by Nick Kyme I haven’t read this one but if you are going to read any of the Vulkan books I would recommend this one.  It sets up the current disposition of Vulkan going into the Siege of Terra

The Burden of Loyalty (XLVIII) Anthology – I would recommend Perpetual by Abnett for filling the gap for our favorite perpetuals Oll Persson and John Grammaticus between Calth and Terra.

I haven’t read the Crimson King (XLIV) by Graham McNeill yet and I don’t feel like I missed anything so I would only recommend for Thousand Suns/Magnus fans.

Wolfsbane (XLIX) by Guy Haley *** I’m mixed on this book.  I read it after Slaves to Darkness and didn’t think I was missing much. This one is probably a must read if you are Leman Russ/Space Wolves fan.  The B-plot on the origin of Belisarius Cawl is actually what got me to go read it but that plot ended up being just ok.  There are some cool scenes flashback scenes when Horus and Russ first met.

Slaves to Darkness (LI) by John French **** Excellent, must read.  Horus has to get the band back together and head for Terra.  Almost all of the traitor primarchs make an appearance.  There is a plot point from Wolfsbane that sets up Horus’ current state so if you don’t read Wolfsbane and are confused go read the spoilers.

Titandeath (LIII) by Guy Haley *** This is probably a skip unless you are excited by Titans.  I don’t think this one lived up to hype of the battle for Beta-Gammon.

The Buried Dagger (LIV) by James Swallow I didn’t read this Death Guard book.  It details the final fall of Mortarion to chaos.

The Siege of Terra

We are reading all of the Siege of Terra books, right? It’s what we’ve been waiting 10+ years for.

The Solar War (Siege of Terra I) by John French ****½ The return of some of the favorite characters from the first books was the highlight for me.  Horus has entered the solar system and encloses Terra.  A lot of void war fighting and some cool twists.  This is my second favorite book in the SoT series so far.

The Lost and the Damned (Siege of Terra II) by Guy Haley **** The siege really begins as Horus’s forces set foot on Terra.  Lots of cool scenes and characters in this book.  I wasn’t as thrilled with the guardsman POV storyline but I understand why its there.

The First Wall (Siege of Terra III) by Gav Thorpe ***½ The battle for the Lion’s Gate spaceport is main event of this book.  The other storylines with Keeler and the Imperial Guard reinforcements are interesting but in the end not a lot happens in this book.

Saturnine (Siege of Terra IV) by Dan Abnett ***** The Siege book we’ve all been waiting for and my favorite of the series so far!  Abnett has all the characters in this book and delivers some epic scenes.  No spoilers but the body count is high.