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GenCon 2013 recap coming soon

WH40K Rogue TraderBanner of all magic cardsBen playing MK DungeonsBlood Bowl FieldsCastleJohn and Ben with some fairies
John's Third battleLook how huge that dragon is!Other cool armies---1Other cool armies---2Other cool armies---3Other cool armies
Shots from Rogue Trader Tourny---1Shots from Rogue Trader TournyShots from Rogue TraderStrange creatures in the hallThe Yu-gi-go hall---1The Yu-gi-go hall
The capital buildingThe convention centerThe exhibit hall---1The exhibit hall---2The exhibit halljohn in the hall

To hold you over until I put together this years recap, here are some photos from more than 10 years ago at GenCon 2003. You can see shots of the old convention center, a much smaller exhibit hall and a 40k rogue trader tournament!

GenCon 2013 – Space Hulk

We are back from GenCon!  I’ll put up a full recap of the adventures of the BoD crew in a couple days, after I’ve had a chance to recover from the four day marathon that is GenCon.  Until then you can look back at the twitter feed and check out these pictures from our big Space Hulk event on Saturday.

Space Hulk

Zombicide at GenCon

Ty’s Zombicide scenario for GenCon

We are now counting down the hours until GenCon. Last night we did a dress rehersal of Ty’s Zombicide scenario for GenCon.  Our six survivors have decided that barricading themselves in the building will no longer work so now they must find the keys and gas and make a break for the car.

Ty’s running Zombicide Friday @ 11:00am , 2:00pm and 5:00pm and Saturday @ 2:00p.  Stop by and say hi if you are there.

Last night we got lucky and everyone made it to the car!