GenCon 2013 recap coming soon

WH40K Rogue TraderBanner of all magic cardsBen playing MK DungeonsBlood Bowl FieldsCastleJohn and Ben with some fairies
John's Third battleLook how huge that dragon is!Other cool armies---1Other cool armies---2Other cool armies---3Other cool armies
Shots from Rogue Trader Tourny---1Shots from Rogue Trader TournyShots from Rogue TraderStrange creatures in the hallThe Yu-gi-go hall---1The Yu-gi-go hall
The capital buildingThe convention centerThe exhibit hall---1The exhibit hall---2The exhibit halljohn in the hall

To hold you over until I put together this years recap, here are some photos from more than 10 years ago at GenCon 2003. You can see shots of the old convention center, a much smaller exhibit hall and a 40k rogue trader tournament!

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