#30 – Games, Booze and the Art Of…



Josh, Ty, Troy, John and special guest Tom are back in the BoD Brewhaus to talk about what they’ve been playing, buying and building.  The quintet then discusses why they like “story” in all their games no matter what the type.

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** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo contains explicit language and themes.

GBatAo theme music is by FADEBACK

Links to things we talked about (sometimes called “show notes”):

Nexus Game Fair


Mantic Deadzone Terrain

Game of Thrones LCG


Wilderness of Mirrors

Amber Diceless RPG by Erick Wujcik

AoS Ways to Play

40K RPG Only War

Steve Rubin – The Arnold Palmer, A Two for One Magic: the Gathering Life

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  1. Do you guys play Aetherium once in a while? I was directed to you by Will from Anvil 8. Just played the game at Nexus this past weekend, and am considering buying. Just want to make sure there is someone in Milwaukee to play with.

    I am a long time 40K player and board gamer (check out my blog at Shadow of Prometheus). Thanks.


  2. Hi Dan. Aetherium gets to the table only every once in a while. It falls into that too many games and not enough time category and competes in our group with AoS, 40K and Xwing as other 2 player mini games.
    That said, we had blast hanging out with Brian from Anvil Eight last weekend at Nexus. He’s been a friend of the BoD for years. It has inspired us to try to play some more Aetherium. Stay tuned to the blog and podcast to see if that actually happens.

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