#25 – Games, Booze and the Art of…



It’s a New Year and that means NEW GAMES.  Josh, Ty, Troy, John and Marlon talk about what they’ve been playing and buying.  **Correction** Curse of Strahd and the original Ravenloft were written by Tracy and Laura Hickman not Hickman and Weis.  We should know better 😦

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** Listener Beware! ** GBatAo contains explicit language and themes. (We really mean it this time)

GBatAo theme music is by FADEBACK

Links to things we talked about (sometimes called “show notes”):

Adepticon Age of Sigmar Championships

D&D Classics

Curse of Strahd Tarokka Deck

7 Wonders Duel

1960: The Making of a President

Bottom of the 9th

XenoShyft: Dreadmire

Student Bodies

A Study in Emerald

Space Marine Calendar

EnChroma | Color for the Color Blind



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