GenCon approaches

Space Hulk playtest – thanks to Josh for the photo

It is a little more than a week until GenCon so we are working on finishing up things for the events we are running this year.  One of those things is adding a second level to the Space Hulk board.  The guys from Creative Gamescapes (they make the terrain pieces we use) have been gracious enough to provide some support and also sent me a sample of their new Spaceship X crew miniatures.  They have just launched a kickstarter to produce the crew minis as well as finance another run of Spaceship X plastics,  and if they are successful enough to meet their stretch goals. produce some new rooms/corridors and the Level 2 parts in plastic.

The Space Hulk event is in pretty good shape although there always is more details that can be added.  The 40K RPGs sessions are in good shape too but I still need to printout the character sheet and handouts.  And finally on the Zombicide front Ty is busy painting zombies.

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