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Games Day!

Games Day returned to Chicago and John and I were there! 

It was a fun day. Here are some quick highlights:

Purchased the new Gaunt’s Ghost book, Salvation’s Reach

John and I added to the cityfight terrain.

I held the new Black Crusade book in my hands and got a quick preview read of it at the FFG seminar.

Here are all the pictures from Games Day:

Welcome to the BoD and the Big Game

Welcome to the inaugural post for the “BASEMENT OF DEATH” otherwise known and the “B. o. D.”

We finally were able to get most of the group together for a small Apocalypse game last Saturday.  We even had a guest.   Everyone brought 1000pts so we ended up with 3000pts + a super heavy per side.  Imperials vs Orks/Chaos.


The whole gang - Josh, Ty, Marlon, Eric, Merle (the guest) and John

Stompa vs Baneblade

View from the other side

The imperial side consisted of IG, Space Wolves and some Grey Knights.

The Stompa crosses the bridge

The hero of the Orks side was the Stompa, or more accurately it’s kustom force field.  It stopped almost every shot that was targeted at it.  For the Imperium it was Draigo and his accompanying paladins, they took over 70 saves before finally sucumming to Ghazghkull.

view from the vendetta

We did get through four turns after which it looked like the Orks had the upper hand.   It was great to get the whole gang together and throw down.